Jerelyn's Art

and Crafts


Since I was young, I have loved to dabble with painting and drawing and every kind of creative thing I could think of to do !!  It didn't  always turn out to be that good, but I did always  have fun messing about with paints and such.  Here are samples of some of the different kinds of things I have done in the past few years.

You'll notice that many of these things are painted on wood. No artistic reason for most of them, I just get the scrap bits of wood free from Józsi's  dad !! (he's a woodcarver)



"Slavic egg"
acrylic paint
on wood

decorated gourd
acrylic paints

acrylic painted on wood


This scene was loosely based upon the rock garden in Józsi's dad's yard, and it's painted in acrylic on a canvas board.


"Dar's Quilt"
acrylic painted on wood
"General Store"
loosely base on Ike Godsey's store in "The Waltons"


painted eggs

old fashioned bedroom
inspired by "The Waltons"


Hungarian woman
acrylic on old dough board

Hungarian woman sewing
acrylic on wood

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