Joey's Artwork


Joey loves to draw cartoons and often draws them for friends. He also draws them for the police, to be used  in tourist pamphlets they give out to  warn people to be wary of potential crimes against them.  (from pickpockets and car theft)


Here are some samples of his "cartoonz"!

Józsi made this for a dj's webpage.





These cartoons were drawn for the mIRC DALnet #Beginner website
they are depictions of some of the channel's "bots"


channel founder CJ
fixing BeginBot

spoof of movie The Matrix


Joey drew this cartoon in 1998
after we met in #Beginner
( just before Jer came to Hungary)

the cartoon characters he draws
of us, here "Goob" is
at work, daydreaming of "Kat"


"kickbutt Jer"

Jer gardening

redneck "Hun"


Jägermeister spoof
(its a German herbal alcohol
& jäger means hunter)

"Man, I hate these cutbacks!!"
(Hungary's  police have
been doing a lot of cutbacks)


cartoon drawn for Józsi's friend Jani (AJ)


"Pterry" - drawn for a colleague
at the police department


Joey drew this cartoon version of
us...him, our cat Zoe, and Jer


Peter. a colleague
at the police department



Joey( Józsi) drew these cartoons relating to a topic on the police forum about the riot units and their formation called the "sün" or in English, the hedgehog. The first one was quite a success, and when the joke was made that an extreme riot squad would be the "vér sün" or the were-hedgehog... he naturally had to draw that as well! These cartoons have been a big hit around police departments in Hungary, and we've heard that many of them have copies of them posted.