Here Kitty, Kitty!!



We really love cats! This page is divided  into three main categories: the first part is about our own cat Zoe, the second  is pictures of many famous  cats that we like, and at the bottom are some "kittycat midis."


Zoe's story in brief:

One day while having a picnic at the castle in town, we noticed a small & hungry cat who was begging for food. When we heard little mews, we checked the area nearby and   found four tiny kittens...3 male striped kittens, and one white, gray and black female with an attitude! Naturally she was the one we chose. We brought her home in the wicker basket on the back of Jer's bicycle and that's how we ended up with a small cat named Zoe. (rhymes with Joey)

Zoe is small for a cat, but she is not afraid of much. (except the vacuum cleaner, which makes her freak!)  She growls at people & stuff she sees outside thru the windows or when Jer answers the door, just like a dog! She talks back when you yell at her. (someday we will get that sound on a .wav so folks can hear's too funny!)   She knows how to open the doors to any room or  cupboard, so we have to keep them locked if we don't want her going in. In winter, her favorite place to sleep is on top of a warm radiator. Otherwise, her two favorite places to sleep are on our bed, or curled up in the front window in the sun. Zoe will eat some odd things for a cat... like strawberry jam and foods with garlic in them! And when she wants to get up in the morning, she  annoys us by sniffing in our faces, or squeaking her paws on the window glass until we get up. She is a really funny character, which is why she fits us so well!!

Here are a few pictures of Zoe!

 baby Zoe peeking                     picking Zoe up

"Pocket Zoe"




At our service apartment we built Zoe this place to climb, and she loved to play at the faucet.




Left, Zoe likes to sleep on the blanket, Center, "Quality Control Zoe" and Right, Joey annoying Zoe back.

Zoe loves every kind of basket!

Zoe loves whipped cream!
 soon as she sees the can come out
 of the fridge, she's there meowing!



Some Famous Cartoon Cats:

from the Smurfs

half of Catdog!

Cat In the Hat
Dr. Seuss

of Edward Gorey

Eek! The Cat

Felix the Cat




The Pink Panther




from Courage


from Cinderella

Artemis & Luna
Sailor Moon

Inspector Gadget

Mr. Jinx
less "meeces"

Puss in Boots
from fairytale

Rita & Runt

Salem Saberhagen
from Sabrina

Josie & Pussycats

from Rude Dog

Si & Am
Lady & the Tramp




The 3 Little Kittens

the gang from TopCat

Jack & Oggy
Oggy & The Cockroaches
He's not a cartoon but he is one of our favorite cats...

Cat, played by the multi-talented Danny John-Jules, from the British tv sci-fi series Red Dwarf! Meoooowwwww!

Other cats, just for fun!

note to self: don't let kitty
know where I keep my AK

Some fun kittycat midis!

Alley Cat

Cat's In the Cradle

"Cats" Theme Song

Kitten on the Keys Rag

Stray Cat Strut

What's New Pussycat


We hope you had some fun checkin' out the felines! Meow!!

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