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January 14, 2018

This week we had continued warmer than normal temperatures for the time of year, although we did have a bit of snow on Sunday morning. Józsi took our cat Zuzu back to the vet to have the teeth removed that were bothering her, and we made a bit of change in the kitchen once Jer got the kitties' Christmas tree taken down.





This week's random photos: Left, since our weather has been warm for January, Jer's hens have started laying eggs again after several months with no eggs; Center, Józsi found this Star Wars themed milk on sale at the big Tesco store in town; and Right, Jer gave Józsi this hip flask for Christmas, and this week he had someone he knows engrave something inspired by an old C64 game on it. (the pixelated monster is from an 80s game called Wizard of Wor and the Hungarian word for plum is "szilva" - the lettering is a mashup of the two, he is going to keep plum pálinka in it)




This week Zuzu was able to get back in to the vet in town. Left, in her carrier... not feeling too happy; Right, shortly after her shot as she was going to sleep. Inset is a photo of the three teeth she needed to have removed. The two small ones were the ones planned, but while the vet was working on the one he found that the root of the big tooth next to it was almost completely gone so he removed that as well. She has recovered nicely and is back to her old self and eating normally again.





This weekend Jer had an idea for the kitchen that she asked Józsi to do for her. For several years we have had a pair of cabinet doors with cathedral glass that came from an old wall unit his dad had made years ago but had been reduced down in size. Jer hadn't been able to think where we could use them, but while taking down the kitties' Christmas tree she suddenly realized that they might fit over the bottom of the original old windows in our kitchen that have no real view anyway... and they were just the right size! Now the window has a more private feel, kind of like a cozy old fashioned inn. We love them!





This morning (Sunday Jan. 18th) we woke up to wet snow falling. It was the first real snow we had for some time, since back at the end of November. A lot of it melted as it fell, and almost all melted by the end of the day but it was kind of nice to have snow but the roads staying clear. Oh, and because last winter was so cold Jer lost her previous rosemary plant but the replacement is doing fine this year. Hopefully our warmer than normal winter will continue.






Far left, all of the shovels full of sand and gravel mix that Jer had been putting on the mud in front of our porch step the past week or two worked just fine to make a solid place to step off onto the driveway. Yay!; Left, the water that had been left in the chickens' bowl overnight wasn't frozen but the rim was covered with lacy snowflakes; Right, the hens preferred to stay under their covered area; Far right, big snowflakes on the fence of the chicken's yard. Jer always loves to see the big lacy kind of snowflakes so she was happy, even if it made her morning job of feeding and cleaning up after the chickens a bit more work.





Left, since it had been above freezing for some days the concrete path in front of the coal shed didn't have to be swept or shoveled. Another yay!; Center, Jer snapped a shot through one of the stars in the fence of the snow on the ground but not on the street or sidewalk, just as someone came by on a bike... a very common form of transportation here, even in cold weather; Right, the apples that are still on the tree in the back all were snow covered.


January 7, 2018

This week we celebrated the ringing in of the new year by eating at home and going to the street to toast with our neighbors at midnight, like we always do. The weather warmed up and we even had a day where it reached almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit! It was mostly a quiet week, but at least the weather allowed us to get out and do some things we aren't always able to do in January. A good week!



This week Józsi snapped this photo of beautiful clouds as he was getting to work at the police department in town.





Far left, Jer was happy to see another of these kind of sunrises this week as Józsi was going out to catch the bus in the morning; Left, one day we had some excitement in the village. There were some criminals on the run in a car and the local cops were able to catch them at this corner in the village  just before Jer passed by there on her walk. Well done, guys!; Right, the sun is slowing climbing in the sky now and the sun now reaching below the roofline in the afternoon again; Far right, the day it was almost 60 degrees Jer took the opportunity to wash a rug and let it get mostly dry out on the porch. When you don't have an automatic clothes dryer (and few people here have one) you take every chance to let stuff dry outside a bit during the day.






This weekend we went to get some chicken feed in the next village, and brought some tinned food and some worm medicine for the old lady's nice kitty who we had noticed the previous time we were there had the symptoms of having worms. (as outdoor cats do) She was very appreciative and since we get it in bulk for our cats, we were happy to share some with her friendly little guy.






Far left, some of the animal related stuff she also sells besides food; Left, her cool old vintage scale; Right and far right, the old house that homeless guys were going into and had the roof removed a month or two ago was having more demolition done in the warm weather. Windows are gone, and they are working on dismantling the walls now.





This weekend Józsi had some work to do. First thing was to fix a few things on our old Lada, at least temporary fixes until we can get a different carburetor. One good thing about Ladas is they are very basic, with less stuff that can go wrong and simpler to fix when it does. Like Jer, he was working outside with no socks but where Jer wears clogs and no socks, Józsi was wearing flip flops with no socks! On Sunday he also split some wood to refill the furnace room at the back of the house.





This week's kitty photos: Left, Missy continues to be more and more at ease with both us and the other cats, here she is relaxing with Elvis on the warm radiator at the front window; Center, Elvis on the bathroom radiator and our goofy Zuzu in one of her favorite places: the bathroom sink!; Right, Elvis, one of the black kitty sisters, Dora, and Zuzu sleeping next to Józsi on a weekend morning after they had their breakfast.




This weekend Jer went out on the very warm and sunny Saturday afternoon for a bit of a walk and came across two things, one sad and one happy/funny. As she was crossing the street a few houses down she noticed there was a funeral at the cemetery and there was quite a large crowd. She saw a lot of people we know but she didn't recognize the name of the person whose funeral it was. That is not unusual as mostly we know people from having seen them around a lot and often we don't even know their first name, much less their whole name; Right, on the way back Jer saw this company car and very probably the driver didn't even know what it meant, but what was written on the back made her smile. Only one block down some very drunk guy with a bike started trying to talk to her and then to follow her, but she got home fine. (a man who can barely stand up wasn't going to be able to catch up to her, and she always carries pepper spray in her pocket just in case of weird person or mean dog)





December 31, 2017

This week we celebrated Christmas (which in this part of Europe is a two day holiday). On the 25th we had our gift opening and Christmas dinner at our house, and on the 26th we went into town to have a Christmas lunch at Józsi's dad's house. We had a bit of snow, but not until a few days after Christmas. It was a good week temperature wise, and they brought our tv back from being repaired before the week was over (thankfully we got a 3 year warranty) so we were happy!

Happy New Year!
Boldog Új Évet!






This week we celebrated Christmas at home, as we always do. Left, our little tree and our gifts and stockings including Center, one for the kitties; Right, because in cold weather it's hard to find a place to put 6 gluttonous kitties when we want to eat in the kitchen, we ate our Christmas dinner out by Jer's computer. It was actually quite cozy to eat next to the Christmas tree! For dinner we had mostly our favorite American foods like mashed potatoes, stuffing and candied yams, for meat we had both baked chicken and duck as well as the traditional Hungarian steamed red cabbage. Jer also made a pumpkin pie, one for us and one to take with us to Józsi's dad's. (they don't make them here, so people are always curious to taste it... and they always really like it)




This year Józsi spoiled Jer with a lot of small gifts, something he had never been able to do for the previous 19 Christmases we had spent together. Lots of pink stuff (including new headphones) and some awesome fancy sewing/embroidery scissors as well as some Minnie Mouse stuff. We are always happy even with just a few gifts, but Jer was really grateful for the stuff she received this year.




Józsi also had been wanting to get Jer a laptop (similar to his older Dell) to watch videos on and play games on, and he found a really good one! It's also a Dell, alloy frame and not plastic like the newer ones, and with all the stuff she needs including an English keyboard and dvd drive. A company here in Hungary sells older, refurbished high-end business class laptops, and they are much sturdier and longer lasting than the new ones sold these days which give out in 2-3 years. This will make it so much easier for her to watch her favorite old tv shows and movies in English, either on dvd or on her pen drive... or streaming from the internet. Yay!





Left, this year Jer got Józsi pairs of colorful funny socks as usual, but these were actually for Jer. She is a big fan of both Danger Mouse and its spin off, Duckula; Center, Józsi's dad was experimenting with making Christmas tree shaped decorations out of old wood, with shapes cut out, and he gave this one to us. Jer will finish it out for next year's Christmas; Right, we received a sweet Christmas greeting card from our cartoonist friend David Reddick. If you have never heard of his syndicated comic strip Intelligent Life, you can check it on FaceBook HERE or at his Website HERE






This week started out dry (no snow for Christmas) but we woke up on Friday morning to wet snow, with ice in the middle and water underneath. What a mess, and with the delivery guy scheduled to bring our tv back from being repaired in the morning we really hoped for melting because the road was slick. Józsi needed to drive the Lada to town and had to be very careful, but he made it safely. The photos were all taken just inside our gate and the heart shape was made my Jer with her clogs. (as usual, she was outside shoveling/scraping snow with no socks and her old outdoor clogs!)





On Friday after Józsi got back from town we went to the CBA grocery store in the next village and Jer noticed right away it was New Years because of all the hot dogs they had out for sale! (they are a common food at New Year's here in Hungary, although we ourselves are having something special: steaks and shrimp we got at ALDI just for New Year's Eve)





December 24, 2017

This week our weather warmed up a bit and by this writing (Sunday, Christmas Eve) we had temperatures above 10c/50f! No white Christmas for us, but if it doesn't snow, we're ok if it's warmer than usual at least. We finished our shopping, got out to see some of the Christmas lights in the village, and generally had a pretty good week. Merry Christmas to everyone who follows our page!





This week Józsi was given gifts by number of people. Left, one friend gave him a lot of goodies, including several kinds of drinks, some candies, and two types of Hungarian paprika (hot and regular); Center, someone else gave him a large package of wild boar meat, which Jer cut into cubes to make pörkölt; Right, the finished boar pörkölt with sour cream was fabulous!





Left, on Thursday Jer went for a walk and to the store in the center of the village to buy Józsi some stocking stuffer gifts; Center, on the way home she stopped by to take a photo of the two goats on the next block continuing their damage to a tree in the front yard; Right, our Christmas stockings, which Jer made way back in 1999, the second Christmas after she came to live in Hungary. Józsi's stocking was made of scraps of some of his favorite old worn out flannel shirts, and Jer's was made from bits of fabric sent to her by her mother. We have used them every year except last year, when Jer could not find them. This week she was having a visitor (a former student) and found the stockings when she got a Christmas tablecloth down from its storage. We were very glad to have found them!





Left, this is the view behind Jer's computer. She leaves the HelloKitty tree (which she fashioned from a basic tree shape made from twigs, with handmade decorations and Hello Kitty treetop angel) up all year, along with a few other Christmas items; Center, the new kitty Missy really likes to relax under the Christmas tree in the main room; Right, handmade ornaments we made years ago from comic characters Józsi draws about us, named Kat and Goober. They are on our tree every year.





When Jer first came to Hungary in 1998, few people had any Christmas lights except for business. Now, even in our little farming village, a lot of people have them. These three are all on our street, the first one is across the street, the middle one is the butcher's house two doors down from us, and the third one is at the end of the street.






More Christmas lights, these are all in the center of the village. Far left is the butcher shop, left, a house; Right, the pre-school; Far right, another house.






Far left, left, and right, lights around the templom area. While we were at the little round fountain a strange local man came up the street growling and screaming about every 15-20 feet, and when he reached us he came right up to us and growled and shouted at us. He was obviously very drunk and feeling very angry and aggressive (we assume he had been ejected from the pub down the street) and thankfully Józsi's experience at the police helped him to deal with this guy without anyone getting hurt, and he got him going on his way without hurting us or the man and small child who were behind us!; Far right, a tree with lights in front of the mayor's office.






More lights around the village: A house, the tobacco shop, the Teke bar/restaurant (which we went back a bit later to eat) and some pavement lights at a memorial at the bus stop which are really connected to the Hungarian flag colors of red, white and green, but which looked Christmasy.






Far left, the Christmas window of the florist shop at the center of the village; Left, another tall evergreen decorated with lights; Right, a residence and pub not far from our house with various kinds of lights, including a kind of projection light that rotated various designs, including this swirl pattern that Jer was able to catch with her phone; On a walk on Sunday we noticed the house down our street with the little patio was decorated for Christmas with a little tree and candles in blue, and a cross on the back wall.


December 17, 2017

This week Jer was feeling a bit run down and didn't get out like she normally does too much, but we did make a trip to town for our Christmas and New Year's eve shopping, wanting to get it done before the big crowds of the weekend just before the holiday. Our weather wasn't too cold and we had a little rain. We didn't get any snow even though we did get one or two overnight frosts.




A couple of interesting clouds Jer saw this week, one very early morning as the sun was about to come up across the street from our house, and a line of big fluffy clouds moving along behind the area in front of the templom.






This week in our village: Left, Jer spotted Santa basking in the sunshine in front of the village hall; Center, one evening we passed by the same spot and paused to check out Santa and the pretty lights; Right, at the end of our street is a very small house and every year they have these very blue lights.





This week we made a trip to town to finish up some Christmas/New Year related shopping and thought we'd take photos of the places we stopped to shop. First off was a stop at McDonald's for a quick lunch. Jer snapped some photos of what McDonald's looks like here in Hungary, which you can see is much the same as anywhere except for the menu. (The main difference in the menu is the language, the food choices are mostly the same as any McDonald's, although sometimes they do have limited time Magyar related sandwiches)





Left, they have Ronald McDonald Houses here in Hungary also, and this is how the collection boxes at the counter look here; Center, the shopping center sign by the drive through; Right, next stop was the ALDI store at the other end of the parking lot. We were looking mainly for foods for Christmas and New Year's Eve. (ALDI and LIDL usually have the best choices of special kinds of food, like beef steaks and things)



This is what we bought in ALDI: a whole chicken and two packages of duck breast and thigh for Christmas, two t-bone steaks for New Year's Eve (this is the first time since Jer came to Hungary in 1998 that we have seen t-bone steaks for sale in a grocery store!) as well as a couple of small items and a new duvet cover set in a color and old fashioned pattern that Jer liked. Most of the bedding here is too contemporary in style for our taste, but this one was perfect. Score!





Left, next stop was the big TESCO store across the street, and the parking lot was absolutely packed! We had to park almost at the last row but at least it was easy to find the car when we came out since it was right by the gas station; since it's Christmas time someone had set up a stall selling fish for the traditional Hungarian fish soup (it's usually made with carp); Right, just inside as we went past the help desk. Lots of stuff on sale, and in the background on the right is their cafeteria, which is always very busy at lunch time.





This being Hungary, there was plenty of various kinds of alcohol on sale, including several kinds of bubbly. We ourselves bought a few bottles of the Törley for Christmas and New Year's Eve; Center, another guy was buy loading up on BB brand. We weren't sure how many he ended up with in his basket but it was somewhere around 10 and hopefully he made it out to his car with all of them intact!; Right, there was a life sized figure of the old Coca Cola Santa in the store, and someone had added a little knitted scarf around the Coke bottle.





They had some very large plush snowmen and teddy bears. There were one of each as you entered the store and Jer was tickled to see a 7-8 year old boy hugging the large bear with a big grin; We saw Santa sets on sale as well; In the marked down section we found kiddy pools on sale, though it seems unlikely they are selling many of these at the moment! :D





The last stop was LIDL, were we picked up some tea light candles and a few food items before heading home. On the right is Elvis, who likes it under the kitty Christmas tree.


December 10, 2017

This week Józsi had to work on Monday, but took the rest of the week off. He had a chance to relax a bit, but got a few things done like getting a load of coal. Our week started out very cold, but warmed up and melted the snow off about mid week. We made a trip into town on Friday afternoon while the weather was not too cold, and ate at a restaurant we really like before doing our shopping. All in all, it was a good week!






These are photos from the previous week, before the snow, that didn't fit into last week's photos. Jer had gone on a very early morning walk and the sunrise was really pretty even if it was quite cold, and it made some very interesting shadows at the templom. The shadows are very different this time of year than they are in the summer.





This week started out being quite cold, and the snow was slow to melt off. Even Santa on his sled in front of the village hall was looking a bit chilly in the snow flurries when Jer snapped his photo on Monday morning.






On the previous night, the first Sunday of advent event at the templom, there was the usual crowd of people in attendance and Jer saw evidence of the crowd the next morning. Far left, some little girl lost her colorful headband with faces; Left, the electric candle advent wreath in front of the templom; Right, there were one or two big snowballs like this in the area as well; Far right, there were a number of places where mulled wine from the night before was spilled. Having attended this event a few times in previous years, we know how crowded it is and how easy it is to spill or drop things!




This is how our templom looks when it's dark, with pretty lights and the nativity lit up. It's always very pretty.





This week we got a load of coal, since Józsi was going to be home to shovel it right away; Center, one of our neighbors got a load of tree bark, maybe from the sawmill in our village; Right, on a sunny day this kitty likes to get some sun in the round window of our neighbors 3 doors down. It's often curled up in the bottom of the round part, but was busy washing its paw when Jer passed by on this morning.





On Friday we went to town to do some shopping and on the way we stopped by a restaurant we always enjoy to have some csülök. Yum! While we were in Tesco Jer found two fuzzy blankets on sale and we bought them. The red one she wanted because it's Christmasy and the other is for kitties to sleep on. (and they love it!)


December 3, 2017

This week the calendar turned to December, and cold and snow arrived here in Hungary. Jer decorated the house and put Christmas trees for both the cats and for us. On Thursday we woke up to snow and although some of it melted off later in that day, it turned quite cold after that and we have snow that has still on the ground. We also experienced the cool phenomenon known as snow fog this week, on Friday.






Far left and left, while out walking Jer noticed that several people in the village had put up climbing Santa decorations; Right, the village hay bale Santa decoration was also put up this week; Far right, the nativity scene decoration in front of the templom was also put up this week. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as the song says!



This year Jer had an idea for her annual kitchen Christmas window, using strings of crystals from an old crystal chandelier that she's had in a box for some years. We bought a curtain rod at the hardware store in the village and Józsi put it up... and the next day Jer decorated. We both really love the result, it's so bright and sparkly!






This week Jer put up the Christmas tree in the kitchen first, as it's the one that is kitty safe. She had an audience of two kitties as she brought the Christmas stuff out, and our newest cat Missy supervised every step of the operation and did a quality control check at the end. It has only garland and strings of curling ribbon which the cats can pull off and drag away, they are easily picked up and put back on the tree. (and it does keep them from bothering our other tree so much!)





Left, the Christmas window and tree after everything was finished. We love it!; Center, we woke up on Thursday to snow on the ground and it snowed for some hours before finally stopping; Right, Józsi's footprints and bike tracks on the sidewalk after he left for the bus stop.






Far left, Jer working on the Christmas tree in our main room, which is right in front of her desk area; Left, the finished tree. It's a tree that was once a decoration in a flower shop and the reason that the branches start so high on the bottom is that Jer has the lower branches wrapped so they don't hang down, due to a house with 6 indoor cats. We made a new wooden base for it this year so it's very sturdy and has some spaces where kitties can nap and keep a few cat toys; Far right, Jer has an old sheet that she wraps the tree with at night, to keep pesky cats from climbing up the tree or knocking ornaments down. This is a trick she learned a few years back, and it works.






Far left, Józsi putting the first ornament on the Advent tree; Left, right, and far right: after the snow fog the next morning both the screens on the porch and many plants (and indeed even the snow on the ground!) had grown icy spikes. Weird, but pretty!




This weekend the guys closed up the paintball place for the winter. They removed the netting for the cold months, and played a little paintball themselves one last time for the season in the frosty cold.



This is Józsi's paintball mask and stuff, having been used one last time before winter break. In the spring, it will all begin again, though!


Jer adds new pics here every Sunday night, or Monday morning at the latest.