About my quilts

  I began quilting back in about 1980, and I've made many baby and wall-sized quilts over the years. When I came to Hungary I had to start my "stash" and sewing box materials all over again, which was mainly done through the generosity of people like my mom, my aunt Darlene, and  friends like "DAHwoman" from mIRC. In time I got enough stuff together to really start quilting again! For the next couple of years I had to make  my stuff completely by hand, but for Christmas 2003 Józsi  bought me a brand new sewing machine. It's a great help (especially when making stuff like curtains, which were really a chore when I did them all by hand!)  but I still always do my quilting stitches by hand!


On the next few pages are some samples of quilting/sewing projects that I have made since I have lived here in Hungary.


This is a picture from a quilter's magazine of a group of women from Lopez Island, WA and the quilts they made for charity. The lady highlighted is my Aunt Darlene, who has been a great help to me supplying me with quilting supplies and such.


(The newest projects will be on the last page!)

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